Town of Macedon 32 Main St., Macedon NY 14502 Ph. 315-986-5932

The Town Assessor is Dennine (Dee) Leeson. She can be reached at 315 986-5932 x114.

Macedon 2022 Assessment Rolls

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Town-wide Re-valuation

In 2022, new values will be assigned to every property in Macedon. The Assessor gave a detailed presentation on this process and how it may or may not impact you. The video of it can be seen inside the Town Board Zoom meeting of 2/24/2022, ( Click Here to View. )

The Impact Notices will arrive in your mailbox shortly. The cover letter on that notice can be found here.

The town last did a full re-valuation in 2016. Over the years since then, NY State has determined that our assessments in general have fallen out of sync with actual market values. This is determined by examining sales figures for properties which sell, and comparing those to their assessed values. The goal of property assessment is to fairly value each property so that the tax burden is equitably distributed among all.

In 2021, NYS asserts that Macedon was (in general) assessed at 80% of true market value. If left un-checked, this will change to 71% in 2022.

The property assessment does NOT change how much money the Town collects via taxes. It only changes how that tax burden is apportioned among all the taxpayers.

There are numerous factors which do affect your individual tax bill. Your assessment is one of those. Frequent checks on the validity of assessment values protect you and your neighbor from paying more than your fair share of taxes.

Once you learn your new assessment, if you decide you want to challenge it, part of this process involves you searching for comparable properties and how those are valued. To do that, you can leaf through the Assessor's Sales Books, either in person at the Town Hall, or by clicking on the links above.

Assessment Rolls

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