Town of Macedon 32 Main St., Macedon NY 14502 Ph. 315-986-5932

Office of the Supervisor

Leonard, Kim V.
Leonard, Kim V.
Serving since January 2, 2020
Email (Supervisor Only):
Telephone: 315-986-5932 x104

Clerk to Supervisor: Grosodonia, Christine
Telephone: 986-5932 x104

Town Board

The Town Board is made up of the Supervisor (above) and four Councilpersons (below).
A single email address, , reaches all five members.

Leonard, Kim V.Supervisor315-986-5932 x104macsuper@macedontown.net2027-12-31
Babcock, BruceCouncilman315-690-2599bbabcock@macedontown.net2025-12-31
Hammond, BillCouncilman2024-12-31
Maul, DavidCouncilman, Depy. Supervisorn/admaul@macedontown.net2027-12-31
McEwen, DavidCouncilman585-690-4687dmcewen@macedontown.net2025-12-31

Other Elected Offices

Find details for other elected officials with their respective departments, below.


* indicates Department Head


* Harkness, PaulDirector of
Farbizio, SandyAsst. Director;
Brooks, DanielParamedic
Bucci, ColinAEMT
Ferguson, KristenEMT
House, ChristopherParamedic
Larwood, MatthewEMT
Muscato, DominicEMT
Park, JonathanEMT

Animal Control

Plyter, MarkAnimal Control Officer585-721-2635


* Holtz, StephanieAssessor (PT)986-5932 x114assessor@macedontown.net2025-09-30
VacantAssessor Clerk (PT)986-5932

Assessment Review Board

Bowers, PaulARB Member2027-09-30
Jones, KenonARB Member2025-09-30
Pittinaro, PatrickARB Member2026-09-30
Ramos, HarryARB Member2024-09-30
Reid, JohnARB Member2028-09-30


* Miller, WendyBookkeeper986-5932

Building Department

* Allen, Scott (P.E.)Town Engineer; Bldg. Inspector986-5932
Brady, RobertCode Enforcement Officer986-5932 x115
Jenkins, JohnCode Enforcement Officer986-5932 x115
Nisbet, StacyBuilding and Zoning Clerk986-5932
Shufelt, JeremiahFire Marshal986-5932

Courts (1890 State Route 31)

* Reinstein, RonCourt Justice315-502-42202027-12-31
Sanford, LonCourt Justice315-502-42202025-12-31
Allen, MarciaCourt Clerk315-502-4220
LaBrake, BarbCourt Clerk315-502-4220

Highway Department

* Countryman, ChrisHwy Superintendent986-7852highwaysuper@macedontown.net2027-12-31
Friedl, ElisaHighway
Anderson, JohnHwy Employee
Cavallaro, JosephHwy Employee
Ellis, JamesHwy Employee
Everdyke, D. PaulHwy Employee
Payne, DavidHwy Employee
Quigley, DarylHwy Employee
Randall, PatrickHwy Employee
Vendel, TimothyHwy Employee
Wright, GaryHwy Employee


* Braun, LindaHistorian986-5932

Parks, Buildings, Grounds

* Bueg, MichaelParks, Buildings, Grounds
Johnston, JamesParks, Grounds (PT)
Knapp, PeterParks, Grounds (FT)

Planning Board

Whitney, GregBoard Chair986-76902026-12-31
Bartels, MertonVice Chair986-79462024-12-31
Airy, SuzanneMember986-37322028-12-31
Allen, P. DouglasMember986-77302027-12-31
Graf, MarkMember2030-12-31
Rooney, KevinMember986-75082025-12-31
Share, RichardMember986-17142029-12-31

Police, Public Safety

* VACANTChief of
Higgins, MichellePolice
* Husk, AdamSergeant, Officer-In-Charge (FT)
Knapp, AndreaPolice Officer (FT)
LaMark, RichardPolice Officer (FT)
Ritz, NashOfficer in Training
Tyndall, ChristopherPolice Officer (FT)
Younglove, RossPolice Officer (FT)
Balch, MatthewPolice Officer
Costello, KevinPolice Officer
Halvorsen, RickPolice Officer
Murray, WilliamPolice Officer
Ritchie, BrianPolice Officer
Sotomayor, HectorPolice Officer
Franco, DeborahCrossing Guard
Hinkson, EarlCrossing Guard


* Budziszewski, DaleRecreation Director986-5932

Tax Collection

* Maul, LorieReceiver of Taxes986-5932 x1062027-12-31

Town Clerk

* Bowers, KarrieTown Clerk986-5932 x102townclerk@macedontown.net2027-12-31
Keukelaar, JeanDeputy Town Clerk986-5932



Zoning Board of Appeals

Mosher, MichaelZBA Chair315-502-40312025-12-31
Frey, BrianZBA Member2024-12-31
McEwen, DeborahZBA Member2027-12-31
Polvino, DavidZBA Member2026-12-31
Santovito, RonZBA Member597-69572028-12-31