September 20, 2017



The Town of Macedon Zoning Board of Appeals meeting was held on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 7:30 p.m., at the Town Complex, 32 Main Street, Macedon, NY.  Present were Chairman Warren Jeffries and Board members Carl Eligh, Brian Frey, and Ronald Santovito.  Also present were Town Councilman Bruce Babcock and Board Clerk Brandi Schutt.  Absent was Town Engineer/CEO Scott Allen.


Chairman Jeffries called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  He then explained the purpose for which the Board serves and read the Legal Notice as it appeared in the Times.




Z-05-17 – Macedon Veterinary Care – 1503 Canandaigua Rd. – Sign Variance – Section 135-191-C– Size of Sign – Macedon Veterinary Care Owner Rebecca Hall was present to address the Board.  Mrs. Hall described the project as being a much larger sign than what the code allows. Mrs. Hall described how the frontage of the new building is huge and she would like a sign that would look nice. The code allows 29 square feet and the new sign would be 79.4 square feet.


Mrs. Hall addressed questions from the board about why she would like a bigger sign; what day they will be moving to the new location, if there will be room out back for animals, and if the new set back is farther than the current set back. Mrs. Hall described how the plaza is set back from the road and they would like a sign that’s big enough to stand out and let people know where they are located. Moving day is planned for October 13th and will open the following Monday. She also mentioned there will be a fenced in grassed area out back for the animals. Mrs. Hall explained that the new set back is a little farther than the current buildings set back. Chairman Warren Jeffries asked if the sign would be lit up and if it was bigger than the current locations sign. Mrs. Hall answered yes to both of those questions. A Macedon resident spoke in favor of the request.


•       Wayne County Planning Board – Referral not required

•       Planning Board – Gave a positive referral

•       Town Board – No comment

•       SEQR – Not required at Appeals level


There was no one else to speak for or against the granting of these variances.  The public hearing was closed at 7:40 p.m.




Z-05-17 – Macedon Veterinary Care – 1503 Canandaigua Rd. – Sign Variance – Section 135-191-C– Size of Sign – A motion was made by Ron Santovito, seconded by Carl Eligh, to approve the variance as submitted in the application.  Board members discussed how the new site sits behind other buildings and the bigger sign could benefit the business but not have a big impact on the other businesses. Board member Ronald Santovito mentioned that his only concern was the sign being lit all of the time and that it may change the character of the plaza. Board member Carl Eligh responded by pointing out that Game Craze and Advanced Auto were lit at night as well and looks fine. Comments were made about how busy the road in front of the plaza is and how the new sign could improve the prosthetics.


The five factors were reviewed:  There would be no undesirable change in the character of the neighborhood; benefit sought could be achieved by another method; variance was not substantial; there would be no adverse impact on the physical or environmental conditions in the neighborhood; difficulty was self-created.


Roll Vote:  Eligh – yes; Frey – yes; Santovito – yes; Mosher – yes; Jeffries – yes.  Therefore, this variance was granted.




A motion to approve the 8-16-17 minutes was made by Carl Eligh, seconded by Brian Frey.  All in favor; minutes approved.





A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Brian Frey, seconded by Carl Eligh.  All in favor; meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Brandi Schutt

Clerk to the Board