October 14, 2013



PRESENT:  Chairman Doug Allen, members Suzanne Airy, Mert Bartels, Mark McEwen, Kevin Rooney and Greg Whitney.  Also present were Town Engineer Scott Allen and Board Clerk Susan Bush.  Absent were Tom Morrison and Town Councilman David McEwen.


Chairman Allen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.




PB-12-12 – Alpco Recycling, Inc. – 846R Route 31F – Industrial site plan (transfer station) – Lead agency – A motion was made by Kevin Rooney, seconded by Greg Whitney, to declare the Planning Board as lead agency for this action.  All in favor (Morrison absent); motion carried.


RZ-01-13 – Four Points Land Development, LLC – Wayneport Road & Carlson Lane – Rezoning – Revised plan – Bob Cantwell of BME Associates was present to address the Board on behalf of the applicants.  Mr. Cantwell then explained the proposed revisions  which were prompted by input from residents at the recent public hearing.  Those revisions are:


·        Access to single-family homes via Carlson Lane connection instead of directly to

Wayneport Road;

·        Addition of landscaped median to the dedicated road connection to Carlson Lane,

which will provide separation between the mix of uses;

·        Landscaped turnaround at end of cul-de-sac for single-family homes & landscaped

turnabout at the end of the town-dedicated connector road, making a transition

point between the mix of uses;

·        Single-family homes increased from 21 to 24 and townhomes reduced from 72 to 69;

·        Relocation of proposed clubhouse to north side of private road in townhome section;

·        Office buildings reduced from 2 to 1 but retaining the same square footage of office



The townhomes are proposed on a private road, and Mr. Cantwell explained that if they are offered for sale, Town Code requires those lots to have frontage on a town-dedicated road.  Under TPD zoning, the applicant could request a waiver from that requirement, allowing them the flexibility of selling or leasing the townhomes.  Common access easements would be needed throughout the townhome portion of the project if the units are offered for sale.


Other points of discussion were:


·        Homeowners’ association for townhomes – Responsible for maintenance & provide

continuity in the townhome community;

·        Private vs. town-dedicated road for townhomes – Dedicated road requires more space,

longer driveways; private road allows for more compact development & more creative


·        Community demographics – Aiming at 55+, but not age restricted;

·        Price points (estimated) – Single-family residences $240,000 to $250,000; townhomes

$200,000+ if sold, $1,100 to $1,400/mo. if leased;

·        Single-family homes – one builder for all homes; setbacks proposed at 30’ from front

R.O.W. line, 15’ on the sides, 20’ in the rear; driveways will probably be double width;

all homes to be built at the same front setback;

·        Dedicated roads will be built to town standards;

·        Waiver from Land Use code by the Town Board (would require homeowners’

association or equivalent);

·        Possible walking trails – East/west along old trolley bed & north/south along sewer


·        Phasing of project:  ( 1) single-family homes, (2) 30 townhomes + clubhouse, (3)

remainder of townhomes, (4) assisted living, (5) office building; demand will

determine actual phasing.


It was noted that these items could be addressed more fully by the Board during the site plan approval process.


The Board then reviewed the TPD zoning code requirements. A motion was made by Kevin Rooney, seconded by Mert Bartels, to recommend approval of the revised rezoning request, taking into consideration the following points:


·        This plan conforms to the objectives of the Town Master Plan.

·        This plan meets the intents and objectives of TPD zoning per Section 135-98 with a

mix of residences and those uses that serve the residences.

·        This plan encompasses 46+ acres, less than the 100 acres required.  However, as

stated in the Town Code, the applicant has demonstrated that the characteristics

of the holdings will meet the objectives of the Article.  All land in the project is

owned by a single entity.

·        Accessory uses such as storage space are not proposed in the plan.  The Planning

Board agrees with that aspect due to multiple storage facilities available in close

proximity within the Town.

·        This plan is conceptually sound, meets a need (see Macedon Effective Market

Area Real Estate Report dated 06-05-13) and uses good design principles in the


·        There are adequate utilities to serve the site (sewer, water, etc.), and the

developer will bear all such infrastructure costs.


All in favor (Morrison absent); motion carried.




Z-10-13 – Zaretsky – 1035 Mayflower Drive – Area Variance – Section 135-162-B – Expansion of a non-conforming building & Section 135 Schedule I – Side & front setbacks for residential addition – The Board recommended denial of this variance due to insufficient side setback.


Z-11-13 – Vienna – 1565 Walworth Road – Area Variance – Section 135-61-B-3 – Accessory structure larger in area than residence & Section 135 Schedule I – Side setback for accessory structure – The Board was concerned about the access easement to the cemetery located behind the subject property and the need to insure there would be appropriate/adequate access to the cemetery.




Rochester Coffee Brewing, Inc. (Dunkin’ Donuts) – 1225 Route 31 – Exterior changes – As information to the Board, Town Engineer Scott Allen described changes that will be made to the Dunkin’ Donuts building.  The brick/block portions of the exterior will remain unchanged.  The top of the building e.i.f.s. (currently grey) will be repainted in tan, and the roof overhangs (currently purple) will be repainted orange.  Replacement sign panels will be installed with the new corporate logo.




A motion to approve the 09-09-13 minutes was made by Kevin Rooney, seconded by Suzanne Airy.  All in favor (Morrison absent); minutes approved.




A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Greg Whitney, seconded by Mark McEwen.  All in favor (Morrison absent); meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Susan Bush

Clerk to the Board