August 27, 2007



PRESENT:  Chairman Doug Allen, members Suzanne Airy, Mert Bartels, Mark McEwen, Tom Morrison and Kevin Rooney.  Also present were Town Engineer Scott Allen and Board Clerk Susan Bush.  Absent were Brian Gagne and Councilman Ken Nawrocki.


Chairman Allen called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m.





Z-13-07 – Filer’s Power Sports – 1136 Route 31 – Area Variance – Sections 135-190-A, B, C, E, F – Size, number & location of signs – Board gave a positive referral.


Z-14-07 – Wayside Garden Center – 124 Route 31 – Area Variance – Expansion of non-conforming building – Board gave a positive referral.


Z-15-07 – Martin – 3150 Wiedrick Road – Area Variance – Section 135-39 – Fence higher than allowed – Board recommended denial; would prefer trees/landscaping.  Section 135-61-B-5 – Shed in side yard – Board gave a positive referral.





PB-10-07 – Morrison – 1796 Magog Road – 3-lot realty subdivision – Land sale between neighbors


PB-11-07 – Pecora – 1354 – Canandaigua Road – 2-lot realty subdivision – Land sale between neighbors


PB-12-07 – Spite – 1570 Walworth Road – 3-lot realty subdivision





A motion to approve the 08-13-07 minutes was made by Kevin Rooney, seconded by Tom Morrison.  All in favor; motion carried.




A motion to adjourn was made by Mert Bartels, seconded by Kevin Rooney.  All in favor; meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Susan Bush

Clerk to the Board