July 9, 2007



PRESENT: Chairman Doug Allen, members Suzanne Airy, Brian Gagne, Mark McEwen, Tom Morrison and Kevin Rooney. Also present were Councilman Ken Nawrocki, Town Engineer Scott Allen and Board Clerk Susan Bush. Absent was Mert Bartels.


Chairman Allen called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.




PB-09-07 Kemp/Duffy (Super Seal) Quaker Road Realty subdivision & commercial site plan Sketch Dave Matthews, Matthews Consulting, was present on behalf of the applicants. This is the subdivision of a 2.75 acre parcel from land recently rezoned ORM. Proposed building will be 2400 sq. ft., 215 ft. from road and 15-16 ft. below road grade. Existing stand of trees in front of the building will be left except for a driveway cut. Super Seal Coating is a driveway sealing business, not open to the public, handling mostly commercial applications. Business is seasonal (May to November) with three (3) trucks parked on-site during the season and stored inside the building during the off season. No materials will be stored on-site. Building will be pole construction, 40 x 60, on-site septic system, tan/ivory siding with green roof & cupola. Driveway will be gated and paved to the gate. Inside the gate will be gravel.


Tom Morrison requested the driveway be widened to allow two vehicles to pass each other and the gate be at least 40 ft. off the road. Board members discussed the need for storm water management. Mr. Matthews responded that it is not required for this site as less than one acre will be disturbed. Scott Allen and Dave Matthews will visit the site to review for a possible drainage easement.


Two neighbors from Wilcox Road were present and voiced concerns regarding aesthetics, outside storage and landscaping for the overall Kemp parcel. They were encouraged to attend the public hearing on August 13th.


A motion to grant sketch plan approval was made by Kevin Rooney, seconded by Tom Morrison. All in favor; motion carried.





A motion to approve the 06-25-07 minutes was made by Mark McEwen, seconded by Kevin Rooney. All in favor; minutes approved.






Town Engineer Scott Allen advised the members of an upcoming Town Board referral for the Special Use Permit application of Waste Management. Input will be requested from the Planning Board at the 07-23-07 meeting.





Motion to adjourn was made by Brian Gagne, seconded by Kevin Rooney. All in favor; meeting adjourned at 8:24 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Susan Bush

Clerk to the Board