January 22, 2007



PRESENT: Chairman Doug Allen, members Suzanne Airy, Mert Bartels, Brian Gagne, Mark McEwen, Tom Morrison and Kevin Rooney. Also present were Town Councilman Ken Nawrocki, Town Engineer Scott Allen and Board Clerk Susan Bush.


Chairman Allen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.




PB-03-07 Lyons National Bank Route 31 Commercial site plan Steve Mahan, Construction Manager, and Tammy Hutter, Branch Manager, for Lyons National Bank were present on behalf of the applicant. Board reviewed submission & request for early access grading permit. Town Engineer Scott Allen will provide the engineering firm, Fisher Associates, with a letter stating information needed prior to the 2-12-07 meeting.


PB-02-07 DeHollander Chester Wood Phase 2 Pannell Road 3-lot realty subdivision and residential site plans Board members felt more information was needed; therefore, this item was tabled until the developer could be present.


PB-01-07 Toomey 950 Yellow Mills Road 2-lot realty subdivision




Cricket Communications (SBA) 1382 Wilson Road Co-location on existing cell tower Application was reviewed. This will be a co-location on existing mounts. Board gave a positive referral for the action.




Motion was made by Mert Bartels, seconded by Suzanne Airy, to approve the 12-11-06 minutes. All in favor; minutes approved.




Motion to adjourn was made by Brian Gagne, seconded by Mert Bartels. All in favor; meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Susan Bush

Clerk to the Board