June 23, 2003


MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Doug Allen, members Mert Bartels, Tom Ferreri, Mark McEwen and Tom Morrison. Also present were Town Engineer Scott Allen and Councilman Ken Nawrocki. Absent were members Brian Gagne and Kevin Rooney.

Chairman Allen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.



Route 31F Michael Ryan Mr. Ryan addressed the Board regarding a piece of property on Route 31F between Macedon Center & Nichols Gas. This is approximately 9 acres (970' x 400'), zoned GC, where he would like to open an auto repair business. He currently operates out of his residence on Parker Road in Marion. Type of building, parking, setbacks, buffering, septic & possible wetlands were discussed. This would be a permitted use, and the Board suggested Mr. Ryan contact a licensed engineer to pursue the feasibility of this project.



PB-04-03 Laker Development/CVS Kim Thompson, FRA Engineering, was present to explain the revised landscaping plan for this property. Twelve (12) existing trees were to be retained; however, during demolition nine (9) were removed. The grading will now be changed to allow for matching berms & beds on each side of the Route 31 entrance, and a berm along Canandaigua Road with additional plantings. Types of plantings and caliper of replacement trees were discussed with a request for 6" caliper crimson maples, in addition to the spirea, burning bush, hawthorn, crabtrees, pears and redbuds.



Z-09-03 Arnold 1840 Crest Avenue Area Variance Section 135-61-B-5 Shed in side yard Board had no concerns.

Z-10-03 Macera/Kordzikowski 2593 Daansen Road Area Variance Sections 135-61-A, 135-61-B-3, 4, 5 Garage exceeding 800 sq. ft., exceeds size/height of house, height exceeds 16 ft., accessory structure in front yard Board had no concerns.

Z-11-03 Preston 1416 Canandaigua Road Area Variance Section 135 Schedule I Shed within the 15 ft. side setback (4 ft.) Board had no concerns.



Motion made by Mert Bartels, seconded by Tom Ferreri, to approve the 6-9-03 minutes. All in favor; motion carried.



Motion to adjourn made by Tom Ferreri, seconded by Mert Bartels. Meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Susan Bush

Clerk to the Board