PLANNING BOARD MINUTES                                                    September 23, 2002



MEMBERS PRESENT:  Chairman Doug Allen, Mert Bartels, Tom Ferreri, Mark McEwen, Tom Morrison, Kevin Rooney.  Also present were Scott Allen, Town Engineer, and Ken Nawrocki, Town Councilman.  Absent:  Brian Gagne


Chairman Doug Allen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.




CVS Rezoning:  Kim Thompson of FRA Engineering began her presentation by introducing various representatives working on this project.  They were:  Dennis Kennelly, FRA Engineering, Devin Dal Pos, Laker Development Group, Douglas Ulrich, Attorney for the developer, and Greg Binzer, Insight Realty Group.  Councilman Nawrocki then offered the background on this proposal, which was presented to the Town Board at their September 12th meeting.  That board is now looking to the Planning Board for their input.  The Town Board does have a major concern regarding traffic; however, this referral is strictly for rezoning purposes (from R-30 to GC).  Site plan approval is a separate issue and would come later.  Area is now zoned R-30, including Macedon Ford, which is a pre-existing, non-conforming use.  SEQR would be done by the Town Board and will be comprehensive enough to cover site approval. 


Ms. Thompson then continued, explaining the application contains five (5) parcels (four along Route 31 & one on Canandaigua Rd.) encompassing 5.73 acres.  The Town's Master Plan calls for GC on the northwest corner of this intersection.  The inclusion of Macedon Ford is strictly for rezoning and would not involve any site improvements.  The site plan proposes a 10,055 sq. ft. CVS pharmacy with drive-thru and an approximately 4,000 sq. ft. bank with ATM.  The back part of the parcel would provide a leased area for Macedon Ford for parking with a detention pond behind that area.  Public water and gas are available; sanitary sewer lines are proposed running to the east, connecting to existing lines at Kemp Drive.  Drainage issues were discussed.  Overall plan presented is a revision of that presented to the Town Board and incorporates suggested changes such as parking, green space &  buffering to adjoining residence. 


Currently there is no GC zoning on the north side of Route 31.  If rezoned, this would require zoning variances prior to development (setbacks), and would be two separate tax parcels.  Discussion then followed.  All Board members agreed they would like to study this proposal and make their recommendations at the next meeting.  Scott Allen explained the Planning Board has 45 days to make their written referral to the Town Board, stating reasons for recommending or opposing the request for rezoning, concerns they may have regarding the SEQR and whether the change would be in harmony with the Town's Master Plan.  He asked that Board members give him their input by the following week.  Doug Allen stated that the referral will be made at the October 14th meeting.



ZBA Referrals:


            Z-19-02 - Mitchell/694 Turner Rd. - Area Variance - Sections 135-61-B(3) &

            135-61-B(4) - Barn exceeds height of house & exceeds 16 ft. - No concerns;

            positive recommendation.


            Z-22-02 - Moyer/877 Turner Rd. - Area Variance - Section 135, Schedule I -

            Negative referral because of setback.


            Z-20-02 - Weiner/1113 Erie St. Rd. - Area Variance - Section 135-61-B(4) - Barn

            exceeds 16 ft. - Positive recommendation.


            Z-21-01 - Datta/2400 Macedon Ctr. Rd. - Use Variance - Section 135-81-E(2)(e)

            Request to sell used vehicles without sale of new vehicles; Area Variance Section

            135-81-E(1) - Size of lot - Negative referral


            Z-23-02 - Carrozziere/Walworth Rd. - Area Variance - Section 135-61-B -

            Request to construct barn prior to house; Area Variance - Sections 135-61-B(3)

            & 135-61-B(4) - Request to build barn larger than house & exceeding 16 ft.

            Negative referral; this is not an approved building lot, and there is no application

            for construction of house.




            Motion made by Kevin Rooney, seconded by Mert Bartels, to approve the

            minutes of the September 9th meeting.  All in favor; motion carried.




            Motion made by Mert Bartels, seconded by Tom Morrison, to adjourn meeting.

            Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,



Susan Bush